Hotel Booking Engine.

Change your strategy from "book a ROOM now" to "book an EXPERIENCE now!"

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How can guests not find rooms, when you still have unoccupied inventory in your property?
With millions of potential bookers searching the internet everyday, empty rooms or unused inventory at your property is an indication of un-exploited sales potential.

Our elegant booking engine leads the guest from exploring your website to buying your rooms and services. It is user friendly and easy-to-navigate.
It enables any potential FIT client to book his hotel room and services, like meals, in-room accessories, massages, etc online.

Our booking engine captures data as he navigates, helping our team to understand his motivation and needs. We are able to tell the pages in the website that received the maximum number of clicks and dwell-time. Our engine offers data that we interpret so that together we make informed decisions about products, rates and services to be sold online. Our trend analysis also enables us to plan your sales strategies to capture more bookers.

We have now developed an Online Booking Application for Facebook. This effectively makes Facebook a whole new ,rapidly growing channel for hotels!
Every hotelier wants to earn from all channels: Corporate,FIT,OTA's,Travel agents etc. and every hotel has more to sell than just its rooms.

So how about a booking engine that sells not only your rooms but your FnB,spa treatments,massages,sightseeing tours,airport transfers,a bottle of wine, a game of golf...anything you can think of to complete the experience!

Our booking engine exploits the full potential of your hotel by being a super online salesman with an extremely low salary! It runs within your website seamlessly,without the need for a pop-up window and maintains your brand image.

Technically built to the highest standards of speed and security,it is compatible across browsers and operating systems.It has a suite of analytic tools which will ensure transparency of data as well as support strategies for the discerning revenue manager.

The interface is minimalistic and intuitive to both the user and customer and compatible with smartphones of all sizes without the necessity of installing anything. It can also be used as an App on Facebook to convert bookings from that channel also.

Dats It!
We enable you to sell at premiums instead of discounts!