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Move from being one in a CROWD to one in the SPOTLIGHT!

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Customer retention and repeat visits are 50% more lucrative than attracting new customers. So why focus solely on new customer acquisitions?

We all know that it is cheaper to retain customers than acquire new ones. Yet, dollar for dollar, marketing teams spend more money in customer acquisition than in retention.

Dats It! offers you solutions that will keep your customers engaged and maintain top-of-mind recall – so that when a visit to your city is in the works, your rooms are automatically booked.

Dats It! offers you a range of ready services :

The Online Visibility Factor

You might design a great website. But if it is not visible to bookers and does not attract traffic, then it is as good as a shop in a busy area with its shutters down!
On the internet – what is not seen is not sold!

Optimization is the process of placing your website in the first few pages of the search results for selected key words. Organic SEO is one of the most cost effective ways of gaining good rankings and improving the visibility of your site.

We combine key word analysis, SEO optimized copy, link popularity campaigns, web traffic analytics and search engine submissions to improve your rankings and attract focused traffic to your site.

If you want your site to achieve high rankings on the search engines, speak to us today.
Dats IT!

Change your strategy. Move from being one in a CROWD to one in the SPOTLIGHT!

No Buzz- No Sales! More Buzz more Sales!

Social media websites have dominated the internet marketing industry and have in some cases even overtaken the search engines in viewership!

We exploit this trend like no other in the hospitality field and help our clients reach their targets on over 30 social media websites like Facebook, Twitter,YouTube etc.

Our hotels have the added advantage of our Facebook booking application, which quite simply converts the “looker” on Facebook to a “booker”!

We enable you to acquire, retain and re-welcome guests again and again!